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About us

For Students

Students from all over the world can take courses online that are part of the official programs of the best universities

Students who enroll in BIOXACADEMY (and in the BIOXPARC network) have access to infinite possibilities for studying and working. Inside the BIOXACADEMY there are the best universities in the world that offer accredited courses on biotechnology and there are also companies from all parts of the world who are looking for talents in this field. BIOXACADEMY allows students to stand out and get in touch with all these companies and universities.

For Companies

The companies that are part of the BIOXPARC network can use the platform to train staff and to get to know the next talents

Within the BIOXACADEMY there are thousands of students specializing in biotechnology.
Companies have the opportunity to come into direct contact with students within the online platform and also in the physical facilities of the BIOXPARC. BIOXACADEMY intends to facilitate access to the world of work for deserving and capable students who can make a great contribution to research and scientific progress.

For Teachers

University accredited professors have the ability to create their own online courses and distribute them on the platform

The professors enrolled in the BIOXACADEMY have the opportunity to create and sell online courses related to biotechnologies. BIOXACADEMY accepts all courses that can help students in the study of these subjects: they can therefore be entire courses of a subject or they can also be individual refresher or in-depth lessons. Professors can create their own video lessons themselves or they can ask BIOXACADEMY to put them in contact with an authorized recording studio that will manage the registration and publication of the course. In this case, the recording studio will be able to create the video course with virtual reality technology, thus allowing the student to be much more involved in the lesson.

For Institutions

Public and private institutions can use the platform to connect with international universities, companies and students.
Participation in the BIOXAPRC network allows institutions to strengthen collaborations with companies and universities, in order to implement development plans that include education, professional training and access to work.

For Universities

Universities from all over the world can propose their programs on the platform. In addition, BIOXACADEMY offers the necessary facilities for teaching (classrooms, teaching tools, virtual reality, etc.)

Within the BIOXACADEMY there are students from all over the world who are looking for valid study programs in the field of biotechnology. The BIOXPARC offers universities the virtual and physical spaces necessary to accommodate the great demand of students interested in continuing their studies in this field. BIOXACADEMY has studied a valid and efficient method that allows any university to offer its courses in the classroom using the physical structures of the BIOXPARC. In addition, to make the study experience more engaging and effective, the BIOXPARC facilities are equipped with the latest generation of virtual reality technologies, which allow students to participate in remote lessons without losing the advantages of classroom lessons

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